All our beers are unfiltered and unpasteurized, and adhere to rigorous in-house quality control standards



Maestral Lager

Maestral, refreshing north-western wind that blows during the warmest part of summer’s day is one way of keeping cool along the Croatian coast, the other one is this beer. We like both.

Alc. 5,4% vol
IBU 32
Serve at optimum temperature of 5-9°c



Fortunal Pale Ale

Fortunal is a sudden storm characterised by gusts of strong wine. They are exciting and a bit scary, but bring clear skies and much needed refreshment, just like Fortunal Pale Ale with its summery fruity and citrus aromas and a wonderfully silky texture.

Alc. 5,4% vol
IBU 45
Serve at optimum temperature of 8°c



Grego Milk Stout

Highly nutritious, Grego is a beer best enjoyed accompanying a hearty breakfast, while its alcohol content allows consumption throughout the day. Pleasant and silky smooth with aromas of coffee and chocolate, this is a beer you wish good morning to, as well as good night.

Alc. 4,8% vol
IBU 22
Serve at optimum temperature of 8-10°c